MA Applied Imagination

Festival 2015


If you could take one action to transform

what would it be?


Central Saint Martins December 9—10










Concern about and well-informed interest in a particular situation or development. Students transforming Awareness include:

Leyla Akhundova



Jad Chamas



Barbara Lanzafame

Xingyao "Florence" Liu


Xiaojing "Jean" Liu



Alexandre Lopes Maceno De Carvalho




Errin Kancal



Yiran Mo

Andrea Molero Cuartin


Arthit Ounpanwat



Yi "Elsa" Su

Carolina Velasquez



Kaley Madden



Yu-Ling "Annie" Lin


The process of imparting or acquiring knowledge; developing the powers of reasoning and judgment. Students transforming Education include:

Tzu-Yu "Amao" Hsu



Xiaojing "Jean" Liu

Daniel Malheiro



Yi "Elsa" Su

Xiaowei "Wednesday" Wang


Tingting Zhou

Bingyang "Arctic" Zhou


Gabby Edlin

Claire Rampen



Robbie Smith


The state of being equal, especially in status, rights, or opportunities. Students transforming Equality include:

Leyla Akhundova

Nayla Ahmad M H


Jad Chamas

Yu-Ling "Annie" Lin

Gabby Edlin


The awareness that an individual or group has of being a distinct, persisting entity. Students transforming Identity include:

Emilia-Ekaterini Koufas

Yuan "Amy" Liu

Bujia "Leo" Ni

Bingyang "Arctic" Zhou

Seana Wilson

Yu-Ling "Annie" Lin


Systematic work or labour; commercial enterprise. Students transforming Industry include:

Desheng "Keita" Dai

Yizhi Hu

Zonglin Li

Yi Luo

Si Shen

Claire Rampen

Weida "Aretha" Zhang

Andrea Molero Cuartin


The state of being free from unwanted or undue intrusion in one's private life or affairs; freedom to be let alone. Students transforming Privacy include:

Alexandre Lopes Maceno De Carvalho

Bujia "Leo" Ni


Able to be maintained at a certain rate or level; avoiding depletion of natural resources. Students transforming Sustainability include:

Yangfan "Mavis" Li

Xiaojing "Jean" Liu

Yi "Elsa" Su


The sum of the ways in which social groups provide themselves with material objects of their civilisation. Students transforming Technology include:

Alexandre Lopes Maceno De Carvalho


The importance, worth, or usefulness of something; principles or standards of behaviour. Students transforming Value include:

Yuan "Gloria" Gao

Emilia-Ekaterini Koufas

Yangfan "Mavis" Li

Yizhuo Li

Yi Luo

Karntida Mahatchariyakul

Si Shen

Claire Rampen

Andrea Molero Cuartin


The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. Students transforming Wellbeing include:

Tianyang "Emily" Chen

Kalayakorn Claire Chertvudhakas

Yuan "Gloria" Gao

Yizhi Hu

Yuan "Amy" Liu

Madeeha Niazi

Carolina Velasquez

Bingyang "Arctic" Zhou

Yifan Zhou



Schedule and Address

Through the application of our imaginations, human beings have always tried to effect change, whether it is entrepreneurial, environmental, political, scientific—or even spiritual—in resonance.


Through a series of interventions, workshops, performances and debates,

MA Applied Imagination students and change-makers from different sectors come together to demonstrate how they are working to change their world.


The festival will explore the different ways we change our world, whether it is by asking better questions of ourselves and those in power, acquiring new skills or pioneering a new approach.


9—10 December 2015

12:00 to 21:30

Central Saint Martins

The Street

Granary Building

1 Granary Square

King's Cross

London N1C 4AA

Festival Party

10 December

18:00 to 21:30


Take the Underground or National Rail to King's Cross St. Pancras.


Get Directions.

Special Guests


Dale Russell

Sebastian Krueger

Garvey Harris

Gary Kurtz

Philip Levine

David Nyheim

and many others

The festival is free and open to all.

Certain events require advanced booking, listed below:


Day 1: Positive Peace

Event details are listed in the Timetable.

Reserve your space here.


Day 2: Unpacking the Butterfly

Event details are listed in the Timetable.

Reserve your space here.


Day 1

Day 2

All day

Student Events

Join MA Applied Imagination students in the Discourse Zone, as they hold open workshops, debates, presentations and events lasting 15 minutes each.


Schedule: View the schedule here.

Student Events

Join MA Applied Imagination students in the Discourse Zone, as they hold open workshops, debates, presentations and events lasting 15 minutes each.


Schedule: View the schedule here.

12:30 PM

The Opening Ceremony: One Thousand Rose Petals

If you could take one act to transform your world, what would it be? Author and theatre director Christie Dickason joins the MA Applied Imagination course to declare the 2015 festival open.

HarperCollins Creative Symposium

Ralph Barker, an alumnus of MA Applied Imagination, chairs this panel debate with authors from world- renowned publishing house, HarperCollins. The debate will centre on the creative process across arts and literature, including the debate around the book as an object of art.

1:00 PM

SohoCreate Launch

SohoCreate is an annual coming-together of creative organizations in Soho with talks, open days and workshops by companies such as Dolby, Framestore, Microsoft and Molinare. SohoCreate’s Chief Executive Tom Harvey will launch SohoCreate 2016, and announce a student competition to win internships at leading creative organizations in Soho.

2:00 PM

Illy Coffee Masterclass

Presented by Bar Temrini, start your afternoon by taking part in this masterclass on how to make the perfect cup of coffee.

Macondo Theatre Workshop

Silvia Mercuriali’s Macondo theatre workshop invites audiences to forget about the distinction between performer and audience, and actors and non-actors. Be ready to join in, and to re-examine your assumptions about yourself as a performer and/or spectator.

2:30 PM

Mindshare ‘Huddle’ Workshop

Global media agency Mindshare’s “Huddles” are renowned throughout the creative industry. A Huddle is an opportunity to share your ideas and test them with like-minded professionals. James Ratnarajah and his colleagues at Mindshare will lead the first Huddle to be held at Central Saint Martins, and students from all courses are invited to share their project ideas in the Huddle, and gain peer and professional feedback.

3:00 PM

Seana Wilson: Bodycasting (continued)

Following on from the previous day, performance artist and student of MA Applied Imagination, Seana Wilson, will continue with Bodycasting.

Philip Levine: Skull Art

Philip Levine has been using his head as a canvas for creativity since 2006, when he first began to go bald. Philip delivers a social message through his interventions and has inspired many men, women and children to channel their problems in a positive way through creative expression.

3:30 PM

Mindfulness Workshop

Hypnotherapist and mindfulness trainer Garvey Harris will lead a workshop on mindfulness as a tool in professional creative practice.

4:00 PM

Seana Wilson: Bodycasting

Seana Wilson is a performance artist and student of MA Applied Imagination, and she has previously performed Bodycasting at Glastonbury Festival. Seana will create fibreglass body casts in real time for audiences, encouraging those taking part to rediscover their bodies in the process.

The Obstacle Race

Join in the Obstacle Race, a provocative game devised and hosted by students of MA Criticism, Culture and Curation as a play upon the idea of what curating is and involves.

Food Black Box

Akanksha Bonsra, an MA Applied Imagination student and the creator of the Food Black Box project invites audiences to take part in this experiment to re-establish your connection with food. This is an interactive workshop for all the senses!

5:30 PM

Public Debate: If you could take one action to transform your world, what would it be?

Educator and author Dr Lucy Kimbell invites audiences to debate the central theme of the festival; what are the most important questions we are not asking, and can those questions be instrumental in effecting real and desirable change? Everyone is invited to bring their questions to the debate.

6:00 PM

Unpacking the Butterfly

A caterpillar needs to die and be consumed before a butterfly can grow in its place: we cannot change the world without transforming ourselves. Join Richard Reynolds, Course Leader of MA Applied Imagination, in a debate with students, alumni and practitioners, about the meaning of transformative personal change – in education, and in professional practice. Guests include screenwriter and film director Sasha Damjanovski, Hollywood film producer Gary Kurtz and interdisciplinary designer, Professor Dale Russell from Royal College of Art.


Booking required.  Get your tickets here.

6:30 PM

Positive Peace

Can art be a means of conflict resolution? TV journalist Sebastian Krueger interviews peace negotiator David Nyheim, artist Heather Ackroyd and author and curator Professor Marina Wallace about Artraker, the project that dares to raise the question of the role art can play in bringing resolution to bitter, violent and apparently irreconcilable global conflicts.


Booking required.  Get your tickets here.

7:00 PM

Festival Party

Join students and guest speakers for the closing party.

8:00 PM

The Balloon Game

Taking its inspiration from the previous event, the Positive Peace panel debate, the Balloon Game invites audiences to take part in an energetic and provocative team-building exercise, devised and hosted by students of MA Applied Imagination.

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